Friday, 8 June 2012


A long time ago my sister and I used to play a MMORPG (Massively multiplayer online role playing game). We spent a lot of time with wonderful group of people. One day I felt like making a comic of some of the funny things that we did. This is the comic character I drew to represent my sister and her name in the game was Angeltouch. 

The other day I was looking back over some of the comics I had written and decided to make a papier Mache Angeltouch for my sister. Though she is not identical I think she was close enough and my sister likes her. I think I will make the rest of the characters from the comic too, just need to find the time.

My sister is also really into craft and makes come gorgeous cards as well as other some other things which she has filmed herself making an posted on you tube. 

Check out her blog kezanne creates

Also check out her YouTube videos Here


  1. awww, your so sweet, look at my little angel, she is soooo cute. You are so talented, i am sure our mother is thrilled that we all suffer from CRAFT!! Thanks for mentioning my blog, and youtube channel xxx sis

  2. Your leaf bowls are AHH-MAZE-ING!!!