Saturday, 9 June 2012

More Papier Mache leaf bowls

 Here are my two new bowls. The green one tried to fall apart when I was painting it and I ended up having to put some glue between the leaves to hold it together. All the other bowls I have made in the past were very strong and didn’t need gluing. I did do some things differently when I made the green one which might be why it wasn’t as strong but it also might be the shape of the leaves. I will need to experiment more to figure it out. The camera doesn’t capture the colours as well as my eyes but I love the picture of the red bowl outside.

Red leaf bowl (looking down)

Red leaf bowl (underneath)

Red leaf bowl (side on)

Red leaf bowl (outside)

Green leaf bowl (looking down)

Green leaf bowl (underneath)

Green leaf bowl (side on)

Here is a link to my first bowl
Here is a link to my second bowl


  1. OMG, these are so amazing, i love them both, i cant choose a favorite, they are sooo nice! Well done sis xx