Saturday, 16 June 2012

Paper Mache Teddy Dragon

This little guy took me a few weeks to complete. I wanted to make something that was a cross between a teddy bear and a dragon. I started by making the body bits out of paper Mache. Once they were dry I assembled the body.

Paper Mache Teddy Dragon - shell

Next I gave him some fangs and claws and then some eyes. Using Dan Reeder’s cloth Mache technique I gave him some skin.

Paper Mache Teddy Dragon - cloth skin

I wanted to give him some scales but a tried a few different things before I settled on these.

Paper Mache Teddy Dragon - scale things

Paper Mache Teddy Dragon - more scale things

Once he was dry I started to paint. I had only done a little of him when I decided it wasn’t working for me.

Ahh my eyes...the horror!!!!

no no no!!! grrrr

So I tried something different…

hmmm, not what I wanted!

looks like a rainbow threw up on my teddy dragon!

He wasn’t looking terrible but I still wasn’t happy so I tried to make his face a bit darker.

how not to apply makeup!!!

Hmmm, that looks bad again. I don’t like the face or the scale things at all.

I was getting rather frustrated! I can’t seem to paint very well at all.
So I decided to paint it black all over and start again. I noticed after I had painted it that some of the previous colours bled through the black. I liked that!
I added layers of reddish browns and greys and then added to more blues and purples to the scale things. Finally I was starting to feel happy with him. I took him outside and the colours really stood out in the daylight. Yes, now I’m happy.

Paper Mache Teddy Dragon in my yard

Paper Mache Teddy Dragon in my

Paper Mache Teddy Dragon

More Paper Mache Teddy Dragon

Bit more Paper Mache Teddy Dragon

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