Sunday, 10 June 2012

My first dragon - the creation

I was first inspired to make this little guy after viewing Dan Reeder's videos on YouTube, you can check out his work on his website

I just wanted to show you a few shots I took as I was making him as well as talk to you about his wings

First thing I did was make some body bits out of paper Mache. Once they were dry I assembled the body and gave him some claws. I made his hands and feet following Dan Reeder's tutorials on his website, check him out on the link above.

Then I put his head on (which I had made earlier). Then some eyes... I just painted the eyes onto a couple of ping pong balls.

He desperately needed some more face! So I gave him some and then used Dan Reeder’s cloth Mache technique to give him some wrinkly skin.

Once I had put cloth Mache all over him and let him dry it was time to paint. I decided on dark blue!

ARRRRG!!! Too much dark blue….. So I added some lighter colours with a damp sponge.

Once I was happy with his colour I turned my attention to his wings. I had some distressed fabric that my mother had helped me make and I was just dying to use it as dragon wings. Check out my mother's tutorial here on YouTube demonstrating how to make this fabric effect.

I painted some silver and light purple metallic paint over the wings once it had dried.

 Here are a few more pictures of my dragon once he was finished.



  1. hehe, he looks like a 'guard dragon' at the gate! I am sure he would scare many a would-be burgular fierce!!! Great job sis xx

  2. Excellent work.