Wednesday, 20 June 2012

Mini Paper Mache reindeer for the Christmas tree

Three fat funny little paper mache reindeer

These are about the size of a can of soft drink. When I was making these I wanted them to look like someone had just picked up a cute, fat, funny mini reindeer by the reins and hung them on the Christmas tree. I’m still struggling with the painting side of things. I like the lighter coloured one the best. 

Before I painted these I covered them in cloth but it was quite difficult due to them being so small. Next time I may use something else to cover them before I paint and I really want to practice painting some ‘surprised to be hung on a tree’ facial expressions. Also I’m not sure I like the red ribbon I used to make the reins so next time I may try something else for that also. My mother’s advice about painting is to use more shades, colours of paint and adding more layers. I have watched a few video on YouTube about painting but I still have no idea. I will keep practicing!


  1. these are freaking awesome!!! i want them ALL!!! gimme gimme gimme!!!! puhleeeeeeze. xxx

  2. Thanks sis :) and I'll make you some soon!

  3. I love these darling Reindeer. Your creations are awesome. The gray brown paint seems to stand out the most, doesn't it?I think I will try making some.

    Love them all! Hope you make some more. I wanna see what you do.

    Best, Pepper

  4. I love these adorable reindeer! You are so talented. The gray paint does seem to stand out more than the other two colours? I never would have thought that to be the case.

    All three are fab. Hope you make some more. I want to see what you do!

    Best, Pepper

    1. Thank you Pepper :)
      I keep hoping to get back to making thing soon but life keeps getting in the way! haha :D